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PANAW SA UGAT: Journey to Roots

Three 2-hour sessions of guided research into ancestral heritage

  • 6 hours
  • 333 US dollars
  • Live Video Conference

Service Description

For folks of migrant diaspora, I offer guided research to connect with ancestral heritage.

 Through cultural studies (texts, maps, academic papers, media, art) & embodied integration (movement meditation, journal exercises, relational inquiry), we explore your ancestral origin story & expand your sense of self in global community. We offer a free 30-minute virtual consultation & three 2-hour feedback sessions, spaced out every 3 weeks. Together, we will trace your familial lines, last names, communities, environments, media, politics, and spiritual ecologies. Each session deepens insight & invite questions for ourselves, family and communal relations. Our goal is to provide cultural information & reflective tools to guide your journey to ancestral roots. In our 1st meeting following the virtual consultation, you will: -ground in the genealogy, geography, geology & living history of your family’s place(s) of origins For our 2nd session, you will: -immerse & integrate the precolonial & past history of ancestral ecologies in your origin story By our 3rd session, you will: -connect with art, media, living ecologies & thriving communities of care from ancestral heritage In each session, you will receive: -Research Report: A minimum 3-page document sharing cultural research from the themes mentioned above -Embodied Meditation: Information integration using meditation, both sitting or in movement, depending on your practice -Journal Exercises: Co-created writing prompts for further reflection -Relational Inquiry: Inventory of questions intended for family &/or the lands/waters to deepen connection to roots This offering is for you if: -you are a person born of migrant parents or a migrant yourself, who feels disconnected to your homelands -you are planning to make a trip to your ancestral homelands but don’t know how to first ground in the process -you are a diasporic person wanting to know your roots deeper Commit to the Journey to Roots!

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427 W 146th St, New York, NY, USA

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