🍃 The KASING KASING (for the heart) flower power blend infuses kalachuchi (frangipani), gumamela (hibiscus) & rose petals. As we learn to grow in healthy relationship to worlds around us, our hearts keep us beating in the rhythm of relative safety. Flowers help us get in touch w/ the kinetic process of opening, blossoming & becoming with.

Kalachuchi is the Philippine name for frangipani, or plumeria. It is a plant species that transcends boundaries of ancestral lands. It is carved in the elaborate temple-complexes of ancient Mayan & Aztec architecture (representing elite fertility, female sexuality), as well as Hindu & Buddhist temples of Java & Bali, where they're used for puja offerings. Plumeria is the national flower of both Nicaragua & Laos. It is found commonly in Nag Champa incense. From its endemic origins of Arawak lands, it carried its sacred resonance across oceans, as it was & is widely used for rituals across Pacific islands, South/East Asia & Arabic African tropical coasts, for fertility & love.

It is a ‘precolonial’ plant whose story of survival demonstrates evidence for transoceanic Pacific-Atlantic pathways prior to european colonization. In the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia & parts of India, frangipani is linked with the dead, grown on top of cemeteries. Plumeria holds this essence of vast opening, fertile blossoming across tropical oceans & with that, a solemn reverence for the passages of loss deep in earth. The anti-inflammatory & calming properties of plumeria touches the skin so smoothly, connecting us back to lineage of sensual mortality & feeling into the softness of grief, of our limitudes.

Gumamela is the Philippine term for hibiscus, which is a flower family of many names. Scientifically, it is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, & thus treat heart ailments, supporting its traditional medicinal use for heart health across Africa, Asia & Americas. Combined with rose, a potent plant teacher used ornamentally, medicinally, aromatically & symbolically across global cultures for conjuring sensual romance, this blend of petals is intended to support gentle opening & deeply rooted rhythms of the heart in balance.

SENSORIYUM (kasing kasing)

  • SENSORIYUM is a full-spectrum, multisensorial package of 4 herbal infusions:

    💦 nektar tinktura (coconut liquior infused in herbs, moringa bitters, coconut nectar syrup)
    🐚 lana krema (infused coconut oil whipped w/ cacao butter & pearl powder)
    🌹humot simhot (fragrant herbal alcohols + essential oils)
    🔥ritwal insensyo ('kamangyan,' frankincense, bay leaves, camphor & herbs)

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