Kahidumdum (Memory)
Kabalaka (Anxiety)
Kasing-Kasing (Heart)
Kasakit (Pain)

Each SENSORIYUM bundle comes with herbal infusions for taste, touch, smell, sight to explore multisensorial experiences of plant ecologies:
nektar tinktura (coconut liquior infused in herbs, moringa bitters, coconut nectar syrup)
lana krema (infused coconut oil w/cacao butter & pearl powder)
humot simhot (fragrant herbal alcohols + essential oils)
ritwal insensyo ('kamangyan,' frankincense, bay leaves, camphor & herbs)
A guidebook for 21 days of ritual consumption accompanies the herbal medicine, along with 21-minute audiovisual meditations, movement explorations & creative writing exercises. This guidebook is intended to enhance internal synthesis of ancestral plants in body memory. Instructions to access digital guidebook is included in the complete SENSORIYUM offering.

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