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Whether with the sun in the sky or a light illuminating darkness, fire is a divine force and source of power.

When choosing to do a fire ritual, or ritual of release, best times are around Full Moons, day before New Moons, Seasonal Equinoxes, Sunday evenings, or Death Anniversaries, facing southeast.

When activating the fire element, ensure you have a balance of water & earth energies on your altar and for your body.

This can include a glass/bowl of water, a special rock, a crystal, flowers, florida water, rice water &/or or ancestral food offering.

To begin, lay out the shell facing upright, ideally on a non-flammable altar surface.

Journal, think, whisper or speak clearly about what energies or attachment you wish to release with the flame & smoke.

Light a guava leaf with this intention in mind, leaving it on the shell to burn.

Crisp the lomboy cigarette by running it quickly through lighter/match flame.

When lighting & smoking the lomboy, continue to hold & release intentions.

Hold/pinch any edge of the cigarette in which air might be escaping while smoking.

While inhaling lomboy cigarette & burning guava leaf, using shell as ashtray, slowly release attachment to intention, knowing it is transforming with the energy fire, ash & smoke.

After the leaves eviscerate, drink a glass of water, and also pour a cup of water into earth outside or in sink. To close, you may discard ash on earth outside.

With the 2 lomboy & guava leaves, this burning practice may be done to as an opening &/or closing ritual to mark ceremonial passage of time.


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