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Are you always in active mode?
Do you struggle to find safety in rest?
Have you not had time to priotize stillness?
Are you looking for massage that supports healing?

PAHUWAY [pa.hú.way.] in Bisayan language means 'to rest (v.)' or 'a temporary pause; an intermission of action; interruption; suspension; cessation (n.)'

PAHUWAY is a bodywork ritual for rest & reset of inner core to elemental essence.

The entire bodywork journey is led through guided somatic meditation. This spoken word poetry invites internal exploration into elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether. We begin with sound vibrations through jaw harp & breath work. Healing touch strokes flow from Philippine Hilot, Ayurvedic abhyangha, Thai yoga, while also activating customized plant-spirit infusions in handcrafted herbal oils. We finish with foot stick massage & sound meditation to close. This ritual flows for about 2.5 - 3 hours of uninterrupted relaxation.

PAHUWAY is an invitation to dive into the full limits of self while in restful stillness.


from June - October 2023
in Lenape / Canarsie / Munsee lands
$50 deposit to book
(rest of paym
ent in-person)

Suggested Offering/Sliding-Scale:
$100-150+ for migrant/queer/trans/Black/Indigenous/person_of_color/low-income
$175-300+ for everyone else who does not identify w/ above^^

In this time of hyper speed extremities,
is a ritual for rest, reset, renewal &
revitalization of embodied memory.

Salamat (thanks) to all who allow me to hold this space for you!

Blue Skies


"Khokhoi has a very warm energy. Over a year later, the care that was infused into the process is still memorable. I really enjoyed the soundbath and foot stick massage, both of which were newer experiences for me."

Floating in the Sea

Hello, my name is Khokhoi

I come from generations of mananambal (healers) & mananagat (fisherfolk) from Bantayan island in the heart of Visayan Sea, Philippines. Born in the islands, I grew up in migrant diaspora, studied anthropology, rejected the capitalist path, hitchhiked & traveled across continents as a dreamer seeker - only to return home & reconnect to ancestral roots.


Throughout the past decade, I have provided private bodywork support to my communities, bringing together experiential training & continuing studies to expand traditional 'Asian' massage, Yoga, Ayurveda, Hilot, Butoh, somatics / dance / movement / performance, power plant therapies, sensual massage, ritual meditations, & freediving/breathwork.

This labor of curative care supports my creative practices, cultural heartwork & community organizing from Mannahatta, New York City to Bantayan island, Philippines. Amidst global movements, I've come to honor & prioritize healing rituals of rest & reset, from sensual bodywork to embodied meditation. I would be honored to hold you.

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