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  • 2-3 hours full body massage

    150 US dollars

TOUCHSKIN BODYWORK is a massage ritual to reconnect inner core to elemental essences. Deep tissue bodywork is accompanied with guided somatic meditation to root & rewire foundations of earth, water, fire, air, ether. Healing touch strokes flow from Philippine Hilot, Ayurvedic abhyangha, Thai yoga, somatics, elemental journeying & plant spirit infusions in handcrafted custom herbal oils.

We begin with instrumental sound & somatic breath work, then spoken word, guided meditation alongside full bodywork journey. We finish with a head/face massage, foot stick massage & sound meditation for ritual closure. This is an invitation to dive into embodied rest of grounded flesh, fluid networks, heat sweat spiraling directions in protected suspense - to feel into the limits of self -  all while in restful stillness.

BOOKINGS OPEN from May 31 - October 31, 2022
in Lenapehoking (NEW YORK CITY)
$50 deposit to book

(rest of payment in person or venmo @kalamispiritarts or paypal

Suggested Offering/Sliding-Scale:
$80-100+ for migrant/queer/trans/Black/Indigenous/person_of_color/low-income
$120-150+ for everyone else who does not identify w/ above^^

In this time of hyper speed extremities,
is a ritual for rest, renewal &
revitalization of embodied memory.


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