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KALAMI (ka-la-MI) is an expression of sensual pleasure in Cebuano & Visayan Philippine languages (‘kaNAmi’ in Hiligaynon/Illongo).


It’s having a bite of comfort food freshly cooked, & saying joyfully, “how yummy- kalami!”


It’s having sore muscles massaged right at tender spot, & exclaiming, “there! here! feels sooo good - kalami!”


It’s putting tired feet into a see-through blue ocean on sugar soft sand & reveling in the bliss - “oooohhh, kalami!”


It’s diving raw deep in erotic caress & communicating the touch of euphoria - *gasps* “ahhhh, kalamiiii!”


KALAMI expresses a revelation of profoundly felt relational pleasure in present space-time.


As a sensual bodyworker reveling in the embodied delight of massage, herbal plants, movement/dance & cultural arts communities, KALAMI roots the spirit of healing arts in pleasurable, sensual relationships with our shifting environments.


While ongoing conditions of neo-colonialism, capitalism, indigenous erasure & climate change continue to extract the native landscape of the planet, the movement towards experiencing the sensual pleasure of our ecologies is a dream to root us back to the source.

Currently, KALAMI offers delicious herbal medicines, native crafts, movement meditations & cultural art projects that were grown, brewed and cultivated in community on Bantayan Island in the Visayas, Philippines, where many native generations before me also planted seeds of creative life in its abundance.


I dream of present futures where my communities move in tune with the ancestral techno-ecologies of our bodies & plant kin, amidst massive transformations on this planet. We work especially with migrant diaspora that continues to be displaced from home, knowing that our home is always welcome here, in the body.

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