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ABOUT conjurer / khokhoi aka kk / aka mary alinney villacastion

Hello, my name is KhoKhoi, a childhood nickname meaning ‘little crab that bites.’ I come from generations of healers, creators, leaders & fisherfolk with origins in Bantayan (Bisayan for ‘watchtower’), an island in the central heart Visayan Philippine sea.


At heart, I am a traveling artist-anthropologist, hatha yogi, power plant herbalist, movement researcher, embodied videographer, slow writer, endless learner & healer of migrant islander diaspora.

This learning journey in spirit arts is humbly informed by psychedelic & medicinal plants in the Mexica traditions, Ayurveda foundational studies in India and bodywork/hilot in the Philippines. My movement as healing practice is informed by studies in hatha yoga, butoh dance, somatics, contemporary, ritual theater & kalaripayattu.

I approach the healing arts from a Visayan Philippine islander worldview that syncreticizes indigenous animism, south/east Asian healing traditions, folk faith & contemporary modalities.

My healing arts practice informs my cultural arts research on the sensual body in shifting techno-ecologies, or mediated environments. With a BA in Anthropology from Barnard College of Columbia University & an MA in Media Studies from The New School of Public Engagement, I have received awards, fellowships & residencies from Asian Cultural Council, The New School & Tropical Futures Institute to study body-based Visayan cultural media arts. My creative work is in collaboration and collective, as a core member of NYC's Red Canary Song, Bantayan's Panlantawon and CosmiKnots.

As a migrant settler to Turtle Island, I am indebted to the Seminoles swamplands of South Florida and the Lenapehoking coastal islets of New York City that my feet have called 'home.'  As a conjurer, I continue to re-imagine relational intimacies through healing touch, plants, dance, performance, movement media & cultural arts.

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