'KALAMI' (ka-la-MI) expresses sensual pleasure in Cebuano & Visayan Philippine languages. From the kitchen to the bedroom, KALAMI ultimately translates to "how delicious!"

KALAMI SPIRIT ARTS roots healing in pleasurable, sensual relationship with diverse living ecologies


Through herbal plants, bodywork, yoga/dance & cultural arts,
we hope to inspire reawakened embodiment to shifting environments

While ongoing conditions of colonialism & capitalism push indigenous erasure & climate change to extract the native landscape of the planet, experiencing the sensorial delight of our rich spirit ecologies is a dream to root us back to the abundance of the source...

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Hello, my name is KhoKhoi, which means 'little crab that bites.' I come from generations of healers, creators, leaders & fisherfolk with native origins from Bantayan island in central Visayan Philippine sea. At heart, I am a traveling artist-anthropologist, hatha yogi, power plant herbalist, movement researcher, embodied videographer, slow writer, endless learner & healer of migrant islander diaspora.

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